Monday, 21 February 2011

Today is going to be better, Today is going to be hungry

I slept badly last night, staring at the clock 3am, 4am, 5 until 7am. Buzzz buzzz buzzing. Confused I answer the phone, he asks me to babysit, I don't remember what his name is. Their son is Louie, he is 8 and I have their address. I sounded enthusiastic and a little bit ditzy "What day is it again?". They are paying me £20 for only 3 hours 'work'. It is nice, but I'll probably feel terrified, sitting in an almost empty strangers house, reading Kafka, not knowing how to work the TV, scared of waking the child. He is 8, too old to choke in his sleep, too old to be any trouble at all really. But I'll want to check he is ok. I know I'll be scared. Maybe £6.66 an hour isn't worth the anxiety.

Maybe I'll be fine.

In two and a half hours I'll go swimming. I'll swim 4- 5:30pm then walk across town to get the 6:15pm 'fast' bus home. I'll get home about 7pm, having been to the train station to collect my tickets for going away on Wednesday. I'll sit home panicking for 35 minutes before I walk a few streets over to babysit at 7:45pm.

I'll trail home just after 11pm, hopefully alone. I hate the awkwardness of being walked home. It makes me feel like I'm being interviewed.

Hi (smile), I'm Eloise, I'm 18. Currently I'm doing a third year of A-levels (but it isn't because I failed). I was planning on doing a French degree but changed my mind, I've got a place to study Psychology and Neuroscience next year, well as long as I get the grades (modest smile). I'm studying Biology and Maths (I don't mention that the Maths is only GCSE) at the moment. Outside of college I swim a lot and I sail with a charity in Southampton. I'm in the scouts, I help out with the younger levels (I don't say I haven't been in months). When I go to University I want to start singing again, I stopped because of my college timetable (I don't say that the conductor wanted an affair). I smile some more, ask them some questions. Try to seem like the perfect teenager, I don't want them thinking I'm crazy. Don't want them thinking I shouldn't have been looking after their child.


  1. I'm sure it'll be fine :] And I hope swimming goes well too. Take care xxx

  2. it'll be fine lovely =(
    have fun swimming =)

  3. It's so good to be reading your blog again, I've missed it!

    The babysitting will be fine, don't worry! He will probably just watch tv for an hour and then go to bed, and then you'll have time on your own (the perfect night in! xD)

    Have fun swimming! xxx