Sunday, 27 February 2011

Wednesday to Sunday

I went to Nottingham which took 4 hours from home. The most exciting part of this journey? First Class carriage from London to Nottingham (just over 2 hours) you get a free newspaper, a massive comfy seat, free coffee and they come round to refill every half hour or so you can also have free snacks and orange juice and if you travel before a certain time you get a free breakfast :O so it was totally worth the £11.90 I paid to get a 1st class seat (I booked 2 months in advance and with a discount railcard so major discount!).
I went to the Psychology dept. open day. It was ok, we had a talk about the course and then I had my meeting with the disability liason people. They didn't say very much that was useful but oh well. Then I went to look at the gym and the pool on campus :D They are pretty good but the pool is standard length (25m) whereas the one I use normally is 33m so it seemed small even though it isn't.
Then I got the bus from the campus into the city. I got pretty lost in the City even though it is quite small compared to other UK cities. I ended up sitting in McDonalds for a few hours because my train wasn't booked until 7:15pm and all the shops were shutting.
Then I got the train to Oxford which wasn't as good as first class but way nicer than the train company that operates in my area. I got to my friend's college about 10pm (Oxford University is divided into colleges which are scattered through the city along with the departments, it isn't a campus/ the campus is the city of Oxford). I met her in her college bar and we had a drink then went back to her room about 11.30pm and chilled out.

My friend had classes pretty much all day so I went to a massive book shop and got some books on forensic psychology, then I went and shopped for a bit then I spent about 3 hours in Starbucks reading. Oh but I did have lunch at my friend's college ohmyword these organic burgers in a bun with chips and salad :O I actually was really ill afterwards because I hadn't eaten for a few days urgh. Then she met me for dinner in a cafe which was a panini (more carbs!). In the evening we went to the bar with her friends then about 6 of us played scrabble.

We went for pancakes and coffee...then we went shopping in Chaity and Vintage shops which was really fun. I got a shirt, a jumper (which is a dress on me) and LOADS of secondhand books. I spent way too much money. Then my friend had a class so I hung out in her room watching stuff online and reading. Then I watched her perform in a little concert. THEN...three course formal dinner. Carrot and corriander soup, rice with chicken and vegetables mixed in and a waffle with chocolate sauce for dessert. I felt so bloated. Then we went to the bar for a bit then we watched Inception on her laptop and went to bed.

My friend had a choir rehearsal so I hung out in her room again until lunch. I had some fish and half a baked potato. Then she needed to study so I went and read in Starbucks and shopped a bit more (MORE MONEY :S).
I felt a bit...sad that she wasn't spending that much time with me and that the time we were together hadn't been as easy as it used to be. She used to hug me loads and she doesn't do that so much anymore but I guess that is part of getting older.
She met me for dinner at this Japanese place which was nice but so much food!
Then we went and saw a series of 5 Japanese plays which were good and the music was amazing but some of the acting was a bit...awful.
Then we went to a cocktail party which was really fun and everything was free :)

We got up and had brunch (more food!) then sat and chatted in her room until it was time for me to go and get my train. And I just got in.

I can't believe how much food I've eaten or how much I've spent in Starbucks :S or just in general. It is pretty bad.

I have a psych appointment on Friday, I feel like I should cancel. I don't have a lot to say, I haven't lost any weight, I can eat.

I have college tomorrow :/ it feels really odd going after 11 days off. I haven't done any reading relevant to my course.


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy (long) weekend!I'm so jealous, I've always wanted to go to Oxford! Are you thinking of going there to study Psych? I think it'd be a lovely place to go, but I know that I'd never be accepted and saying as I live in Scotland it would cost a bomb haha.

    Talking about money, I don't think it's possible not to splurge when you go away on a trip! Just be thankful you weren't in London :P

    It's a shame that it's not the same between you two, but it's probably just down to the fact that she hasn't seen you in a while. I always feel slightly awkward with friends that I haven't seen in a while, no matter how close I was to them.

    I hope college goes well tomorrow!
    Take care x

    P.S. Sorry for the essay!

  2. sounds like you've had a really good time :) xx

  3. :]]

    yo bluddd.
    hope college went well? xxx

  4. Sounds like a lovely trip! Even if you ate more than you would have liked, it was kind of like a holiday, so it really can't be helped. <3