Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I want to sit here and write:

I'm so glad I'm back. Hungry again, yesterday went really well and I only had 400 calories.

But I can't. I was hungry yesterday, so dizzy and hungry and sick every time I didn't eat for a few hours that I fainted twice. Which meant eating about 1000 calories. I lost 0.3kg though.

So far today I've had: coffee (20), orange juice (78), a crumpet (100) and a meringue (40).

238 and I've been up less than an hour (I slept really late because fainting is really tiring).

This evening I'm going swimming, I haven't been in a week because of going away. I'm quite excited. I'm hoping I'll miss dinner too as I won't be home until 7:40pm, but there is every chance we won't eat that early.

Sorry this isn't very interesting.


  1. You still lost, and eating is ok hun. It is. And you fainted hun... please be ok <3
    You're amazing and strong and you always remind me how much I love swimming haha :D xxx

  2. Hope you feel better, hun. Fainting is no fun.

    NEVER owned a My Little Pony?!? I feel like I should send you one. ;)


  3. yoooooo , my old friend.
    i love you =)

  4. I do actually have some doubles in my collection. I'd be more than happy to donate a pony to someone ponyless! <3