Sunday, 20 March 2011


Winchester was quite nice, I wouldn't be devastated if I do end up going there. It is a nice city it is just that the Psychology Department isn't as good as the Nottingham one and research and career prospects aren't as good.
Spending time with my mum was ok, I just ate really badly.

On Friday I had:
Cornflakes and coffee
Coffee and a muffin
Vegetable Dim Sum and Chicken Katsu curry

Smoothie and a muffin
Iced coffee and Victoria sponge cake
Cheese puff crisps
Fruit winder
Iced doughnut
2 rice cakes
sausage, potato, cabbage and carrots
rhubarb pie and custard


This evening I am staying at my friend's house so I'll be eating then but I'm giving my stomach a rest before then ;P

I make this massive effort around my mum to eat 'normally' or even unhealthily. I need to stop doing that because it isn't even like I look like I have an ED anymore. My BMI has gone up to twenty-frickin'-one.

Sorry I'm behind on all your blogs xxx

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  1. Good to hear from you :) I might just email you in a sec and ask about psychology at university. Hope you're feeling ok and that you're happy :) xx