Friday, 4 March 2011

I feel like I'm drowning.

I have a cold, I slept really badly because if I closed my mouth in my sleep I woke up short of breath. You'd think my body would just work out 'oh no air is coming through the nose lets open the mouth' but no it makes me think I'm suffocating and I wake up.
So anyway. I didn't go swimming yesterday or today because I can't breath through my nose and honestly I wouldn't look very nice in the pool with snot streaming down my face in the water. Niiiiiice.
So I went and saw my psych. I didn't really have anything to say, I only stayed for two thirds of the length of the session. We just talked about what I'd been up to and briefly about self harm and weight. She said I looked 'well', I said thank you.
Then I went to the bank and paid in a cheque and I went to starbucks 123 calorie grande coffee light frappaccino.

I heard from the last university I applied to today. Winchester for straight Psychology want a B in Biology. So I confirmed my 1st and second choices.

1st- Nottingham: Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
2nd- Winchester: Psychology

And I applied for accommodation at Nottingham (you only apply for accommodation at your first choice). On the 16th March I can apply for Student Finance (Loans and Grants for fees and living at university). I did a 3 year approximate financial plan yesterday. When I finish university I'll be in about £16,000 of debt. Maybe a bit less if I have a job over the summers. But you only start to pay that back once you are earning over £15,000 a year and then you only pay about £8 per week (increases as your income increases) if you haven't paid it off after 25 years it is wiped off. So it isn't that bad as you can't lose your house or go bankrupt from the debt (because if your income drops below the £15,000 threshold you just stop paying it off until you are earning enough again). I am the last year to have this system though, it all changes in 2012.

I'm on 186 calories so far today which is the best I've done in ages as it is gone 3pm. I haven't done any work though :/ and the only exercise I've done is walking and that was only about 2 miles maybe a little over.


  1. It's wiped off after 25 years?!?! i wonder if we have that here in the States. Might save me a lot of money. XD

    So what if you don't pay them at all for 25 years? Is the debt just gone?

    Hope you're having a good weekend, luv. <3

  2. Oh, my goodness. Your educational finance system is crazy good. I am so incredibly jealous, you have no idea.

    Also, good luck with your university applications!