Thursday, 10 March 2011

I need a motivation booster jab!

I got a B in my AS (1st year) Biology and a D in my A2 (2nd year) Biology. It is ok, it is the lower end of what I was expecting to get so I'm not distraught. Basically if I can get those grades without trying I can't be that stupid so if I try then it'll be fine and I'll go to university and all will be dandy.
However now I actually have to make myself work...ugh. I've given in the forms (and the money) to retake the exams in the summer exam series so it is all fine.

I'm exhausted. I haven't really done anything except go to my Grandma's for half an hour, eat birthday cake, go to college, get my results and come home. It is almost 4pm, the day just disappeared.

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to say...


  1. Sounds like one of those day where you should just go up to bed early and relax!

    Good for you for trying. I was the same way in school--if I didn't do homework or study at all, I pulled B's and C's, but I never bothered to try. Now I wish I had, but it's a bit late to change it!

    And I was serious about that pony, from a few comment ago. If you want one, I'd love to send you one!! I've got some real cuties among the doubles...


  2. well done hun that's really good :) x

  3. well done honey :)
    my m8 does chemistry and biology and she found the biology A2 really hard and i helped her revise and saw the mind boggling work u guys have to do so my hat goes off to u you should be very proud it looked like a diff language to me but im thick so lol
    what grades do you need to get into uni?