Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My name is Eloise and I'm an addict.

9 am Coffee- 20
9.30 am Coffee- 30
9.30 am biscuit- 67
12pm and 4pm 3x rice cakes with dairylea light- 70
6pm starbucks coffee light- 91

Then I got home, dizzy and feeling sick.

I had a white chocolate chip cookie - 220 and 2 slices of ginger cake 192


I was meant to have 400 today. What is wrong with me?

I get the results of the exams I took in January tomorrow. I know I haven't done amazingly because I don't ever actually try. Not properly. I don't think I've ever put 100% into anything. I've never truly meant anything. I guess.
It is also my Grandma's birthday tomorrow, so we are all going to her's tomorrow about midday then her, her husband, my aunt and my mother are going to London. Dad is dropping me at college and I will get my results then regardless to if I still have this fecking cold I'm going swimming. I give up trying to get rid of it. I've had a cold for 6 weeks and in the last 2 weeks it has been worse.

I should probably take some vitamin C and Echinachea but...I don't even remember to take my anti-depressant on a regular basis.

Oh and I got ANOTHER period. This is the third one I've had this year after 19 months of no periods. Annoyingly they are only 20 days apart. Hopefully I'll lose weight and they'll go away again.


  1. Oh dear, must get on your nerves having cold for that long! I'm sure your exam results will be fine :) take care x

  2. I get my results tomorrow too, science was a nightmare, hope you do better with yours x 690 isn't a bad intake, you'll be fine xx

  3. You don't want to lose your period for too long, I have osteopenia (loss of bone density) from 6 years of anorexia. Be careful!