Sunday, 13 March 2011


3x biscuits = 300
coffee = 20
raisin and oatmeal cookie = 240
= 560

Time 12:06pm

I feel sick, I mean physically not "I'm so disgusted with myself". I mean I wish I hadn't eaten it all, but I did, I have to go and exercise now and not do it again. There is no point sitting here ranting about how I'm fat and disgusting blahblabhlabh.

I'm trying to learn trigonometry. I can just about do the basic working out the length of a side of an angle. But I need to learn so much more, I wasn't taught it at school and I last had a maths lesson over 3 years ago!

Want to know how I remember SOHCAHTOA? Sex On Hard Concrete Always Hurts The Orgasmic Areas ;P I was about 13 when a teacher told me that. At that age it sticks in your head!

I should be learning harder trig at the moment, not writing a boring blog post and eating. Now I'm going to be exercising and not learning trigonometry!


  1. stay strong hun, and try and relax :) <3

  2. I had to Google SOHCAHTOA, and even then it took reading several articles before I had a slight recollection of learning that in high school. (Mich+Maths=Epic Fail)

    Good luck with your trig! I don't even really know what it is, but you're so smart I bet you'll pick it up in no time. xoxo