Thursday, 17 March 2011

Super Sister!

I was super sister today :P

My little brother is home educated at the moment (his school can't cope with his Asperger's syndrome >:( ) so this morning we both did some Biology. He is 12 but so smart and understands quite a lot of the stuff I am studying!

Then this afternoon we went into the city, we went to a few shops, got some stuff for Mich's parcel (!), went to Starbucks and then went swimming. I was mainly just playing around in the water with him and only swam about 30 proper lengths because I was worried about not being with him in the pool even though he is fine and happy on his own.

He got his first spot today (which is totally cute when it is your baby brother) so we went and got some teatree stuff to put on it. Then we got the bus home listening to Radio 1 :)

He doesn't usually say a lot about enjoying things but he said he had had a good day :D and we chatted a lot which was really nice. I feel really guilty about going to university in September and leaving him alone with The Parents. Not that my parents aren't nice and everything but he won't have people to muck around with especially if he ends up being permanently home schooled...

Anyway. I feel good and like a 'good person' even though I've had 660 calories.


  1. My little cousin was kicked out of her school because they didn't understand her asperges, it's so frustrating the way people make assumptions.
    You have such a cute relationship with your brother, it's lovely. I couldn't spend an hour with my sister, let alone a day!

  2. Thats so nice of you, I love when my big sisa spends the day with me =)
    Whats asperges?

  3. Aw, that's all that matters (that you feel good). What a lovely day!


  4. Hey lovely post. As someone who has very mild aspergers I know how important it is to spent time with sometime who understands (or at least accepts!) you for who you are. I would have loved to have had someone at your brother's age who understood (which was one of my most difficult ages for me). Luckily now at 19 I have most social interactions worked out :) even if the first term of uni really threw me.

  5. You're such a great sister! :)