Sunday, 27 March 2011

Walking walking walking walking

I spent 8 hours walking round London yesterday. I wasn't there specifically for the protest though we did walk with it a fair amount. I was there for this scout thing where you have to go to all the Monopoly places and take photos of your team there. It was pretty awesome except the awful photos of me which are now on facebook :S !!!

Anyway whilst 8 hours walking pretty fast burns a lot of calories I don't think it justifies eating 2000...

I had:

soya yoghurt-94
alpen bar-59
soya latte-68
bowl of chips-400


Then I came home

1/2 a cake-945
pain au raisin-375
soya yoghurt-94




  1. 2105 is nothing, especially once you include the hours of walking. seriously though, I know you're probably feeling down over it, even though you didn't say so, so- just a rmeinder- you're amazinggggggg.

    love you, x

  2. it's not a lot considering how much you walked. Take care x