Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Weight seems such a heavy word. Just that word makes me feel heavier, fatter, wider, bigger. Anxious.

I gained 0.6kg (1.32lbs) from Friday morning to Tuesday morning. I want to lose 5 kg (11lbs) by the 8th April. Which I can do eating 400 calories if my BMR is what it is meant to be, but not if my BMR is what I've calculated it to be based on how quickly I gain weight eating 1000 calories.

Anyway I love this performance poet Hollie McNish, not that much of her stuff is online but I have her CD now which I am just in love with.

I have nothing more interesting to say at the moment... It is quite sunny here which is nice after all the grey.


  1. You do rock. I agree.


    BMR calculations make my brain spin, but then you are doing your maths gcse so hey! ;) xxx

  2. glad to hear from you even if you don't have much to say :) hope things go well, let us know <3