Monday, 25 April 2011

I ate 625cals of chocolate on Friday.
I ate 1120cals of chocolate between 10pm last night and 5pm today.
I have another 780cals of chocolate sitting on the table from my Grandma.

I don't even like chocolate. Why can't I let it just sit there?

I swam 10km last week. I only swam 1 this morning.

Tomorrow I have my first driving lesson, my gym induction and swimming.
Wednesday I have college alllll day. I haven't done enough work for it even to be worth going (but I will)
Thursday I am revising and swimming (and maybe the gym as well)
Friday I am revising and swimming (and maybe the gym as well)
Saturday I'm maybe swimming and definitely revising.
Sunday I'm cycling 10miles for charity...but I have no sponsors :( (FAIL)

I haven't been on PT for a few months, there are a few people on there that I miss. I haven't 'left' it wasn't a concious decision, I just haven't logged on for ages and now unless I get a PM I won't log on and get sucked in again. (Not that I'm trying to recover)

I'm now addicted to tumblr. It goes in cycles, different communities.

First I was on NSHN.
Then EDNOSfriends.
Then PT and here
Now here and Tumblr.


  1. Take the chocolate from your grandma and share it with a friend, or give it to someone.

    Do something that makes you feel better.

    If you don't like chocolate you don't have to have it my dear. Don't let it stress you xxx

  2. Do what I did and take the whole lot of chocolate and hurl it out into the back garden.

    I hardly ever go on PT anymore either. I used to be on it all day until I found Blogger. :D

    Hope you're having a good week. <3

  3. Haha, Tumblr is great, isn't it? And yeah, I'm very rarely on PT. Might go on now to check up on things. :D

    WOW! You have a full on week coming up. Try to enjoy it!

    And I guess it's lucky that if I eat like more than one serving of chocolate, I feel really sick. I've found it helpful to break up chocolate, store it in foil in small packages, hide it in a bag, and take ONE package when you want some chocolate. You can go back for more if you really want some. :D