Sunday, 17 April 2011

I went camping...

I gained 3kg and got ill because I had milk. I'm hoping that when I weigh myself tomorrow that it has all disappeared.

Sorry I've been kinda distant from you guys recently...I've been on tumblr a lot because pictures are easier than words and it means I can pretend my world is pretty.

I am so huge, I'm only 14lbs from my high weight and 54lbs from my lowest weight. I don't want to be my lowest weight, I don't think I could get there again without dying but I don't want to be this low. I've had this blog almost a year and I still want to lose 35lbs, the goalposts have moved and I have lost some weight but I just wonder if I'm going to spend my whole life wanting to lose 35lbs just like most women want to lose 5 or 10lbs.

I just hope I actually do it. I don't know. I keep thinking of things that would mean I wouldn't want to lose all this weight.
If I had a boyfriend and WANTED to feel like a woman.
If I got a job with children ~(maybe)

I dont' know.


  1. Just letting you know, I'm here.

    Also- do you still watch eastenders? (I still remember our first conversation about Denise. lol)

    anywayyy, x.