Saturday, 2 April 2011

Thanks Mich :D

This I Sleep Tight, Mich sent me her :D my first and only My Little Pony ever.

Yesterday went well, I stuck to the amount I'd planned to eat, I did my exercise. However I didn't do any work and I haven't done any yet today.

The plan today was to list loads of things on ebay and do 10 pages of Biology. However >:( ebay will only let me list 10 things a month at the moment and I can't list my brand new Dr Marten's until I am PayPal verified. I understand that it stops people listing fakes and stuff but I have about 100 things to list! I leave home in 5 months so I need to be able to list more than 10 things a month!

I was looking at volunteering in Europe this summer for a few weeks and I've found a few projects I'm interested in but through this 'Charity' Concordia it costs £180 just to apply?! So I need to research what they actually spend the money on so far all they've said is 'administration costs' normally charities give more of a breakdown of costs, or they should do.

I could go on a hostel holiday in Europe for £180!


  1. Yay come to Europe! Come to England! You have such a plan, and such adventures to be have :) That pony is ultra-cute too :D <3

  2. You have never had a my little pony before!? Gosh woman you're behind the times :P

    £180 just to apply is ridiculous!!!!xxx

  3. get to work, missy!

    (although, I haven't started mine either. woopsiee)


  4. What a cutie!
    I used to collect them haha.

    Sounds greaat!
    where abouts in Europe?? (:
    It's one biig continent!
    £180 is alot.. but must be even more if you don't use pounds cos i know that it's usually not a positive exchange !

  5. can you additionally post things on hope your holiday plans work out!

  6. Im going to London for Uni! :D
    I totally miss my little ponies