Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Battle of Biology 2011

I did indeed triumph over biology for over 7 hours. Now I've been away from my books for 2 hours and I feel like I don't know anything at all.
I did not however wear my pyjama playsuit Lissy, I was too busy rocking the boxer and vest-top look. I want alien boxers, Lissy got alien boxers, I regret not getting them too. But then we would have even more matching items and that would possibly tip us beyond odd into crazy...
I technically 'failed' this week, I only failed two days (two days I didn't get stars) but my average intake over the week doesn't get a star hence I failed the week. I've also only lose about 2lbs this week, maybe not even that.
Anyway. Tomorrow is a new week.

Exam, class, lunch-break, class, home.
Laundry, driving lesson, Laundry, gym, swim, home, maybe pub.
Class, lunch-break, tutorial, mentor session, class, home.
Starbucks revision, gym, swim, home.
Starbucks revision, gym, swim, home.
Not sure, revision, not sure, friend's 21st birthday meal.
Swimming, revision, not sure, not sure.

^^^ my week.

I took something earlier, because I felt bad. I've been really emotional all day, the Sunday afternoon charity appeal made me cry (and it really wasn't a sad one). Then my family annoyed me in their general not-being-normal. I'm fine, it isn't bad, I'll do my exam fine. I just wish I didn't you know? Because it isn't enough to do anything so what is the point? What does it achieve?


  1. Wow. Busy week!
    You're probably stressed, which is why you were feeling emotional.
    Keep it up, and I think you'll do wonderfully on your exam!