Sunday, 15 May 2011

Biology Exam

So I have a Biology exam tomorrow at 9.30am. I took the same module in January but I only got a low B which given it is the easiest module isn't so good! So I'm taking it again tomorrow, which means I need to do revision today...I will, I will it is just so boring and easy because it is the first module which means I should do fine but this is my last chance so I need to revise.
Sorry if I've written about this before but there are 4 modules in Biology (normally taken over 2 years but I'm doing it in 1 year) they add all the module percentages together and that is how the grade is worked out, so the better I do in this easy module the less well I have to do in one of the harder modules and I'll still average a B or higher hopefully.
I was my lowest weight this month this morning. That was nice. Still huge, but nice.

So today I need to revise:
Microscopes and magnification
Sub-cellular organelles
Cell membranes
Lungs and heart
Closed, open, double and single circulatory systems
Transport in plants
Mitosis and a bit of meiosis

I think that is pretty much it?


  1. Get revising woman!! We had enough fun yesterday to make up for the boring day you'll have today :D wear your new playsuit thing-y, I'm sure that'll make revising much easier!! GoGoGo!!!xxxxx

  2. good luck for tomorrow! ♥

  3. Go forth and triumph over biology! Best of luck :)

    I've been revising biology today too.'s boring haha.
    Seriously though honey, good luck.