Sunday, 29 May 2011

Death by Cub Scout

Cub camp, pretty sure I never want to see an 8-11 year old ever again...especially if they have a hiking rucksack and cub scout uniform!
The first night we went on a night hike...only it was rather longer than intended and I ended up giving piggy-back rides and we finally got all the kids in to bed at 2am! So after we got to bed at 3am it was three and a half hours until they were up running round the field playing and we had to start cooking breakfast...
Then we had tent inspection (joy, they can't even fold their clothes) and flag. The camp was spy themed so we made spy ID badges and did some games writing in code. Then we did an assault course which my brother (the older one) and the other helpers had been making whilst I had the joy of felt tips and paper and snack time (how many of them can spill their juice?!).
So we had them commando crawling, climbing over tree branches, loads of stuff then the last bit was a slip-and-slid (plastic sheets covered in soap and water which you slide on your stomach over). They all loved it but got very cold so then we had to get all 46 of them through 4 showers and dry and dressed.
It went on and on and on so I won't bore you but it ran Friday to Sunday (today) and I came home and slept for three hours.

I'm bloated, my legs and feet are retaining SO MUCH fluid and I really really REALLY need to shower but I don't have the energy!

I'm sure I've gained so much because I just ate what the kids ate otherwise they'd have all been "why do I have to clear MY plate if YOU don't eat yours?" blahblah. Also there were only 4 girl cubs, guess who was their favourite person to climb on, hug, try to get me to pick them up. They were so desperate for me to come to their tent to sleep, obviously I couldn't because it is totally against the rules (in this age that all adults are paedophiles!) but I couldn't explain that to them so I just said that Arkala would get angry with me if I did!

Now it is back to reality tomorrow. Revision, revision, revision, swim, swim, swim. I'm seeing Lissy on Thursday :D

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  1. Aww I love helping out at things like that :] sorry you didn't have the best time, but it all sounds so . . . Adventurous :P

    I doubt you gained from 3 days of eating a bit more - besides I can imagine you did a lot of exercise in that time - it's probably water weight a lot of it if you have.

    Heh, aww about the kids :] I remember last time I helpe out at something like that, one of the girls started hitting the other one because she wanted to hold my hand (I had like 8 girls - and one boy, who all were climbing on me and tryna hold my hand and all lol)

    Take care, xxxxxxxx