Thursday, 12 May 2011


So I got up this morning, I went to get the bus to town. Dropped into my clinic to get a prescription. Went to the gym, ate a cereal bar (100), went swimming, ate a cereal bar (79) and a smoothie tube (20). Met my friends in the library at college and we tried revising together but realised it was completely unproductive because we just talked the whole time. I came home.
I ate vegetable crisps (134), cake (200), smoothie tube (20), ryvita (40), potato crisps (150)
Then I went upstairs and decided I'd already screwed up my day so I might aswell give in to the cravings for more food so I had a cup of coffee (20) and a smaller piece of cake (150). is 4.30pm

We're having salmon for dinner (267 per fillet) so plus salad that'll be about 300.

1214 for the day NO STAR.

I don't know why I did it. I don't know why I'm still hungry. I don't know why I'm not exercising right now.

Tomorrow's weigh-in is going to be fun...


  1. thats how i get some days it like well i already ate why not eat more but try and remember sure you ate but you can stop right now you can throw it away you dont HAVE to eat just because you messed up

  2. Well I hope you enjoyed the food.
    Cake is so nice!
    This doesn't make you fat.
    Don't worry about it.
    [I know easier said than done]
    Just remember you have so much time ahead of you.
    Try not to stress about the salmon and salad too.. those are good calories.

  3. 1200 isn't too bad. Not a binge!

    What's a smoothie tube?


  4. why do you need stars when you, yourself, are one.

    *sleazy face*