Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gym and Swim and Braces

I went to the gym with my brother this morning, I did 5km on the bike going 'uphill' 1km, that burnt 210 calories. Then I did the weight machines...then my brother got bored of the gym and we swam for an hour. I only did 2km but that is good given I'd been to the gym too.
We went to get coffee and my brother had a waffle too. Then I went to the Orthodontist. They've tightened my bottom brace so that is painful but I'm so happy because my top brace comes off on the 23rd June! I'll have had the top brace for just under 2 years and I'll finally be able to do my normal smile in photos! The bottom brace is going to be on for ages yet but it's only been on 16 months and I had to have an operation and stuff for that. My teeth don't look bad or wonky or stick out but one of my teeth didn't come through so they took the baby tooth out and then are using the brace to bring the adult one through...which takes ages. But I won't have top braces when I go to university which I'm so pleased about!

Then we came home, I got the One Blank Page book in the post today so I need to do my page and post it on by Saturday. I don't know what to do on my page :/ but it is exciting.

Tomorrow I have psych in the morning, I haven't seen her for 2 months because I cancelled my last appointment. I don't know what to say to her. She's going to want to talk about 2 secrets I wrote to her about...but I don't know what to say. I will go though...Lissy says I have to :P

I really care about you guys...even ones that don't comment (though it would be nice, even if it was just 'Hi' then I'd know who you were and could make sure I've followed you back and stuff...)


  1. Too right you bloody have to go tomorrow :P

    And yay on the top brace coming off soon! That really is so good!xxx

  2. ..mmm waffles!
    aw awesome news bout your brace, bet you have a loovely smile!

    Good luck tomorrow, hope it all goes well.. don't worry too much about it hon, it's only for your benefit and to make you feel better, which you completely deserve.

  3. Hello :)
    I was a reader but now i'm a follower and commenter :P
    You should upload a pic of your teeth when they take your braces off! It's the best feeling ever!

  4. yo, BITCH. Mind not leaving a bunch of crap on my blog?!?

    haha, naaah, you know I love it ;

    *creepy face*

    anyway, yay! for top braces coming off- although I LOVE braces on others... ;]

    have a great weekend.

    p.s- I still have my *creepy face* on.

  5. nice blog you've got here. Congrats on getting the top braces off :)

  6. That last page thing looks so fun! I hope you post a photo of what you did. <3