Thursday, 19 May 2011

Maths and Wagamama's

I need to do some GCSE maths, I have it on the 6th June and 10th June. Which is ages away would suck so much if I got the A-levels for University and didn't get in because of a GCSE grade most people get when they are 15 or 16.
I have a C grade from when I was 15 but I need a B for my university course.
I need to learn:

List Of Topics To Be Revised For

GCSE Higher Maths


1= Lower Section Of the Topic

2= Higher Section Of the Topic

Grade E and below:

· Estimating Introduction

· Ordering Decimals

· Adding and Subtracting Decimals

· Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers, 10 and 100

· Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers

· Multiply 2 Decimals Together

· Equivalent Fractions

· Comparing Fractions

· Fractions to Decimals to Percentages (1)

· Negatives

· Long Division

· Percentage of Amounts (2)

· HCF & LCM& Prime Numbers

· Simplifying Expressions (1)

· Constructing Triangles

· Coordinates (2)

· All averages

Grade D


· Grouping Data

· Scatter Graphs

· Listing Outcomes

Trial and Improvement

· Recurring Decimals (1)

· Adding and Subtracting Fractions

· Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Basic

· Fractions to Decimals to Percentages (2)

· Proportion Graphs

· Proportion Unitary Method

· Ratio Dividing

· Solving Simple Equations

· Drawing Simple Graphs

· Drawing Real Life Graphs

· Drawing Graphs of the form y=mx+c

· nth term

· Factorising Linear Expressions

· Angles In Parallel Lines

· Interior and Exterior Angles

· Basic Angle Proofs

· Circumference of a Circle

· Area Of a Circle

· Nets, Surface Area

· Area of a Parallelogram

· Area of a Triangle

· Constructing Shapes

· Transformations

· Drawing Pie Charts

· Two Way Tables

Grade C

· Significant Figures

· Upper and Lower Bounds (1)

· Estimating Calculations

· Multiplying And Dividing Fractions

· Mixed Numbers

· Percentage Change (1)

· Indices (1)

· Substitution (2)

· Rearranging (1)

· Inequalities

· Negative Inequalities

· Quadratic Sequences

· Simultaneous Equations

· Negative Simultaneous Equations

· Simplifying (2)

· Brackets

· Area Of a Trapezium

· Drawing Loci

· Pythagoras Theorem

· Volume of Cylinders

· Volume of Prisms

· Median From Frequency Table

· Stem And Leaf

· Mean of Grouped Data

· Relative Frequency

· Box And Whisper Plots

· Independent Probability

· Sampling

Grade B

· Upper And Lower Bounds (2)

· Recurring Decimals (2)

· Reciprocals

· Percentage Change (2)

· Indices (2)

· Standard Form

· Surds (1)

· Rearranging (2)

· Recognising Graphs

· Sketching Graphs

· Shading Inequalities

· Factorising Quadratics (1)

· Factorising Quadratics (2)

· Cancelling Algebraic Fractions

· Adding Algebraic Fractions

· Multiplying Algebraic Fractions

· Circle Theorems

· Dimensions Of Formulae

· Similar Triangles

· Trigonometry

· Moving Averages

· Cumulative Frequencies

Grade A/A*

· Exponential Growth

· Direct and Inverse Proportions

· Surds (2)

· Equations With Fractions

· Equations With Graphs

· Solving With Graphs

· Transforming Graphs

· Modelling Real Life Situations With Graphs

· Quadratic Simultaneous Equations

· Bearings

· Area Scale Factor

· Complex Surface Areas

· Circle Theorem Proof

· Arcs, Sectors, Segments

· Congruent Triangles

· 3D Coordinates

· Pythagoras 3D

· Volume Scale Factor

· Sine Rule

· Cosine Rule (Sides)

· Cosine Rule (Angles)

· Area Of A Scalene Triangle

· 3D Trigonometry

· Sine And Cosine Graphs

· Tan Graphs

· Transforming Trigonometry Graphs

· Vectors (1+2)

· Volumes Of Cones And Spheres

· Histograms

The green stuff are the things I know and am quite confident with. The black things are things I need to learn/ don't know what they are.

This is what happens when you spend most of year 10 and 11 in hospital...I haven't had a Maths lesson since January 2008.

Sorry I know this is a super boring post...I fit in my Gap Kids shorts that used to fit when I was 6kg lighter which means more of my weight is muscle than it used to be. I don't like the idea od wearing them out at the moment though, I like things to be baggy.

I haven't weighed myself since Monday. Last week I weighed myself 6 out of 7 days. I can never decide if it is better to weigh myself or not because I've had fewer calories this week that last week when I did weigh myself. I don't know.

I haven't done any work today. I meant to do some GCSE Maths but...I haven't. I've finished my Biology notes for the exam next Thursday. I could do some work for my Biology exams in June but they seem too far away for it to be worthwhile. I think that is just me being lazy though.

I'm going to my friend's 21st Birthday on Saturday. We're going to Wagamama's for dinner then a pub for drinks etc (it is the kind of pub that has books and boardgames). I don't know what to eat. Wagamama's don't have official calorie information and different sites say different things. My actual favorite thing there is the Vegtable Katsu Curry but I'm sure that is about 800+ calories because it comes with so much rice and the curry sauce and everything.

I found a site that says all the calories but I don't know that I believe that Yasai Yaki Soba has 378 calories and 25g of protein (it doesn't have meat or tofu) or 278 and no protein?! It is nice, I had it on my 18th Birthday and since I found out it has probably the lowest calories there I have had it a few times. But I just wish I knew how much was actually in it!?


  1. OMG good luck with the maths!! You're so smart, I know you'll be able to learn everything and get a B. Or an A!

    I'm terrified of maths (mainly because I can't even subtract...). That's one of the reasons I've been stalling on applying to grad schools--I still need to take statistics before I can apply, and I'm terrified I'll fail. :/

    Have fun at your friend's birthday!! I figure you're safe if you stick with veggies and protein, and avoid carbs. <3

  2. Omg! I am doing the same maths exams as you good luck, everything does seem so hard at first but it's easy once you've done it a few times. I hope you achieve the B you need <3 xx

  3. math *cringe* I'm sure you will do okay, most of these things you listed are confusing as hell until it clicked then you can do them in your sleep. Just make sure you ask for help when you need it instead of giving up or just thinking you are probably doing it right. I'm sure you'll do good though. Good Luck

  4. I feel your pain, I have that exam on the 10th and am hopeless at maths. Good luck, and have fun on your friends birthday xx

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