Monday, 16 May 2011

One down, five to go (which really isn't that bad)

I had my exam, I currently have about 72% in this module, I wanted to increase that to 80%+ but I don't think I will have. I don't know. I had to run out to be sick halfway through but my invigilator was really nice about it so it was fine.
Then I had my Biology classes, came home and I got an email saying I got the kids camp thing which is nice. So I have a training weekend in July then I will be doing that two or three weeks in the Summer :) I was so worried I was going to get rejected and then I would have to ask why because I don't know what I could've done wrong (clearly I did nothing wrong hence the job).

I've had:
Coffee (20)
Apple juice (40)


Fruit bar (100)

Wotsits (123) (this was my post exam treat :) )

Lunch Break

Coffee (10)

Then some popcorn when I got in about 6pm (50)

We're having spinach risotto for dinner...I'm on 343 (?) so I'll probably end up near 800 :/ which is ok, just not, you know amazing.


  1. Good job on all of your exams! It's nice that the year is winding down now, isn't it? Don't worry about finishing in the 800s, that's still admirable!

  2. Awww Hun sorry to hear you were sick mid-exam :[

    But that's awesome you were accepted for that kids camp thing :]

    Take care xxx