Sunday, 22 May 2011

The places I have purged and other horrible facts.

I went to Wagamama's (which is Japanese place by the way) for my friend's 21st, it was ok, she loved her present :D. I'd already had 935 calories so I really didn't know what to do food wise. I had the 600+ calorie vegetable katsu curry...and purged. I haven't done that in such a long time.
I don't think there are many restaurants I haven't purged in. Ask, pizza express, wagamama's, various non-chain italian places, pizza hut, mcdonalds, burger king, KFC, Subway, cafe rouge...even The Ritz. Yep.
Anyway, then we went to a pub and I drank diet coke and we played board games. The only guy who came I really didn't like.
Then when I came home I really, really REALLY wanted to binge. My head hurt from trying to stop myself. I didn't. Largely motivated by the fact that if I keep binging and purging this week I'll muck up my exam on Thursday because all I'll be able to think about it binging and purging.

This morning I went swimming with my Dad and little brother, I did 2km which just about burnt off the huge bowl of cornflakes I had for breakfast.

I just printed out a practice paper so I should go and do that. I've had 404 calories so far. I feel huge...nothing new.

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  1. That's great that your friend loved her present! =D

    I haven't been to wagamamas but heard it's really nice, I hope you had a lovely time, even if you were worried about cals

    Awww sweetie I'm sorry to hear of all the places you've purged =( please take care hunny - even though I understand it's really hard to do =(

    Love you sweetie, hope the past paper went well =) xxxxxxxx