Saturday, 7 May 2011

So I got up at 7am this morning to go on this sponsored walk for my friend's charity. It was raining. I love my little brother so much, I went and dragged him out of bed and he came with me. He also emptied the laundry basket of his own many 13 year old BOYS who are the youngest in the family do that?!
The walk was good, the sun came out, we got a bit lost and a bit stung by the plants but it was nice and it reminded me how much you can do when you get up early on the weekend.
Then we went and got my little brother his summer uniform (they wear polo shirts instead of shirt and tie in the summer) and came home. My feet were soaked from the wet grass and I wore white canvas shoes - bad plan. Everything aches so bad. I walked about 8 miles today and I've done gym and swimming the last two days.
I did some revision, it somehow took me 2 hours to cover one double page spread in my textbook, I guess because I was so tired. Then my brother and I watched the Dr Who episode we missed last week and I helped him with his Biology homework. isn't finished, he understands it now (to like A-level standard) but now he has to colour in the comic strip we drew which is his actual homework. I miss having homework such as make a poster! Draw a comic strip of ____! Colour in this map! But it isn't his favourite thing to do, understandably he sees it as a waste of time if he understands it to spend an hour colouring.

Downside of today is I'm already on 460 calories and I still have to have dinner.

I've had:
2x Coffee= 40
Cupcake= 250
Jelly sweets= 80
Cracker= 18
Ice pole= 18
peanuts= 50

Good thing is I'm roughly on track for the weight I'm aiming to be on Monday morning. I know it is all a load of bollocks and I'm not going to ever be content with my weight whether it is 79lbs or 145lbs but...I like being on track with my graph (yes I have a graph).

I love you all,

It is a really blurry photo but this is my page for the book
Written underneath (the blue blur) is pretty much my first blog post
but edited a bit.
The book has two more people doing pages in the UK, then it still has to go to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia and Thailand, then back to the UK. So it won't be finished for over a year (each person gets the book for three days: a day to recieve it, a day to do the page and a day to post it) I was the 14th page and there are 97 pages so far it has taken about 2 months.

This is the page if you're interested One Blank Page Project

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