Tuesday, 3 May 2011

To gym or not to gym?!

The plan for today was to have my driving lesson 11.30 'til 12:30 then go to the gym for an hour and a half, then the pool for an hour.
However...I did a charity bike ride on Sunday, then swam 3km yesterday and woke up at 5am this morning because of the sun streaming through my window (I don't have a proper blind or curtains). So I did some work 6:30am 'til 8am then slept until about 10am...but I'm still really tired.

I don't have the energy to exercise...but I don't know whether to just force myself to go and see how much I can do.

Yes I should do that.

I'm giving myself a star on my calendar for every 'good' day I have. I am secretly a child and can be completely won over by stars...even when I give them to myself.

I spilt starbucks over myself and half the shop last week, for some reason this was their fault (?) so I got a free replacement and a voucher for a drink to use anytime. I feel like I should get the largest size of a coffee light frappacino. I normally would get a tall which is 91 calories, I think a grande is 130ish and a venti is about 190. But those calories may be a bit out of date. I don't know. ANYWAY, I'm getting a free drink so I want to get the most free (so the most expensive drink) but I am anti drinking almost 200 calories... I might save the voucher given it doesn't expire and use it when I really want something/ take my little brother out, he can choose the largest most expensive drink ;P

My exams start on the 16th of May and end something like the 22nd June? AAAAAHHHHH.

I've not blogged or commented much in ages. I've been on tumblr a lot www.eloiseonthewater.tumblr.com

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  1. I like your star sticker idea!! I might steal it...

    It was "their fault" probably because they're afraid of getting sued. You'd be amazed how easily you can get money from big companies like that over an "injury." :D