Thursday, 12 May 2011

What is a smoothie tube?

This is a smoothie tube :) I've only had the yellow (pineapple and mango) ones. They are little tubes for kids, you tear of the ends and suck the smoothie out...or you can freeze them and then they are like an ice pole :D
They are like those yoghurt ones they (used to) do called frubes which were the same (by a different company) but with yoghurt in so you could have yoghurt without a spoon.
I really like them but only get them when they are on offer in the supermarket because innocent smoothie stuff is always expensive.

Tomorrow will be fine. I worked out probably why I went crazy with the food earlier...
My friend at college (who is 9 years older than me) and I were talking about anorexia, she knows I 'used to be' really ill, in hospital and stuff. And we got talking about all the effects like Osteoporosis and infertility and heart problems and yeah...just made things hard. So when I came home I was all like 'I can have a piece of cake and be normal' and of course I totally can't.

Can't wait to see Lissy on Saturday morning is probably going to be hell. I have an interview/ selection day for being a team leader at a kids summer camp. Trying to be all 'I'm a team player', 'I'm always happy' and talking about child protection over-the-top-ness. Like...well I've been abused but honestly if a kid is homesick or upset and they seem like they need/want a hug I'll give them one. It depends on the child and what I know about them and what the situation is but I'm not going to 'never touch a child in any circumstances' basically. Like not everything is inappropriate.


  1. i had one of those moments the other day, when mum told me that i could stay slim by exercising and eating cake. guess that's not the case, right?
    stay strong, ♥

  2. I love smoothie tubes! Though, really, i only eat the yogurt ones. For me, they're only 50cals and great for snacks, AND it keeps my parents from worrying about me.
    Stay strong ♥

    It's kindof crazy the whole kid thing.
    The Music teacher in my school got told of for hugging this girl because he's a man.
    But the thing is.. She was crying because her Dad had died and it was her first day back.
    Anyways, Kid's are great.
    Good Luck Honey!

  4. They still sell Frubes! They're amazing!! Can't wait to see you too and I hope this morning is okay! (bit late to see that since you#re currently there!)xxxx

  5. OMG I want some!! I don't think we have those here. >:( You lot get all the good stuff.

    Which is a good thing most of the time... If we had decent Cadbury's here, I would be a WHALE.