Friday, 20 May 2011

Who invented vanilla mini milks?!

I've actually done nothing yesterday and today. I haven't been to the gym, I haven't been swimming, I haven't been out.
I painted a picture, made a poster and made a birthday card. Which is y'know so useful for my Biology A-level.

Oh actually I have been out, I went for a 15 mile drive with my dad (me driving) he did that thing of yelling "Brake, brake!" and stamping his foot on the ground where his imaginary brake was. I didn't hit anyone, no other drivers got annoyed with me (though I did get overtaken a lot but that is due to people speeding not me going really slow). I've booked my driving theory for 30th June and then I really want to take my actual test about 3 weeks later but I doubt that is going to happen so I'll probably do it mid-September.

I weighed myself this morning. I've lost a kilo (2.2lbs) since Monday. I want to lose another kilo by Monday ideally but I don't know if that'll happen given I haven't done any proper exercise.

I've had all the chocolate and strawberry mini milks. I have 3 vanilla ones left. They suck.

I got so anxious last night, I haven't been like it in ages. This is largely why I haven't been out today. It doesn't feel safe.

I wish I just had more energy. I haven't slept properly in two nights.


  1. It's always good to relax sometimes so don't be too hard on yourself for not swimming and stuff :]

    Good luck on the theory - even if it's in months from now :] one of my sisters just passed their driving test and she always gets overtaken and stuff by speeders lol

    Please try and be careful with the weight loss :[

    I love vanilla mini milks - they're the best ones!

    Sorry to hear about the anxiety - hopefully it's just a quick faze bur if not you could see a doc?

    Take care anyways hun' xxxxx

  2. Oh, the imaginary-brake-stomping... your dad sounds like my mother.

    I hope your anxiety is alleviated! Sometimes a day in is just what I need, so perhaps yours will be for the best :)

  3. The cat you painted was pretty though!
    Biology is not that fun, well revising it's not fun anyway.
    Hehe, My Mum does that to my cousin when he drives and it does his tits in haha.

    Vanilla minimilks
    But the other ones are better.

    Wow I'm sorry about the anxiety. :-(
    Hope you feel better now?