Sunday, 19 June 2011

exam exam exam

My last exam is on Wednesday morning. I have today, Monday and Tuesday to memorise everything. I'm working for probably 6 hours Monday and Tuesday in Starbucks. But I have to revise at home today and I don't know how to focus...
My room is a complete mess, I'm worried I'm going to binge, I feel really icky from having milk yesterday and I'm SO tired.

I can't screw up this exam, I currently have a D on this paper, I need AT LEAST a C to average a B but obviously the higher I can get the better it is in case I've screwed another paper I think I've done well on.

I'm so scared I'm not going to get into Nottingham, I'm trying not to let the fear cripple me (meaning I won't revise >>> won't get in) but it is so hard. My chest feels so tight. I want to binge so much. I think I'm going to get my period. It might last a few hours or it might last 3 days, but I've been eating lots of nuts so I'm guessing I'll have a proper 3 day period? Who knows. I hate retaining water...

I promise I'll be much happier when exams are over...well maybe...basically I'm just going to be on about not eating and swimming but y'know, that is life.

I can't remember if I wrote this before but I'm not swimming on Monday and Tuesday so I can focus on revision. I know it'll get to 3pm and I'll get all panicky but I'm not taking gym or swimming stuff out with me and I can't afford to go and buy a costume, towel and goggles! (I have bought a new swimming costume in the past when I've not packed mine but had everything else).

I had a lovely lovely day with Lissy yesterday. We now have matching H&M shorts :P £3 in the sale! Generally she just calms me down about everything I worry about even if she is completely irrational about herself :P and it was so nice to spend the 18th with someone in a nice way and yeh, it was good. I was good.

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  1. I hope teh exam goes well!! And I know what it's like to freak out about not getting into a certain place. It's the worst, but a lot of the time it's uneccessary.