Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I'M FREEE! And I made shorts :)

Okay so I don't think I did amazingly in the exam but I think that overall I have done well enough to get my place at Nottingham and it ALLLLLL be fine?!?!?!

Then I came home and made shorts :) I'm a bit unsure about them so, if you can make them out in the dodgy photos can you tell me what you think?

They are a bit bigger than I planned but they are meant be big like so they look a bit like a skirt? I don't know!

And I feel the need to say...No I'm not as skinny as you might have thought, I'm really quite large. Tah dah.


  1. You're finally free! I am quite thrilled for you, those exams sounded the most stressful. Also, I admire your shorts-making abilities. Cute!

  2. You look pretty skinny to me, miss. And I love the shorts!!

  3. I would wear those shorts; they're very nice. :) And, you're not large. It's never as bad as we think it is.