Thursday, 30 June 2011

"It's the end of the world as we know it..."

So...Nottingham have changed my offer. I now need an A in Biology instead of a B. I found out last night when I got in, burst into tears and pretty much told my mum I wanted to die. Anyway.
Turns out it is my/ college's fault. When I filled in my application online I said I have an A in religious studies and I actually have a B. I don't know how I made the mistake, the only thing I can think is that because it is a drop down list of A - E grade I clicked on B but it scrolled up to the A. I really don't know. And when my tutor checked my application and everything she didn't notice and nor did my head of department when they checked it.
Technically I'm really lucky that they've just changed my offer because they do have the right to completely withdraw it because I gave false information. But I don't feel fucking lucky.
If I'd known I needed ABB overall I would have retaken an RS paper (I was only 3 marks off an A) but I didn't because I didn't know. So now I just have to wait and see until August in case a miracle has occurred and I've got an A...

I want to cry and scream and ahhh, but I did all of that last night. There isn't a lot I can do now. Exams are over, I can't change my grades and I can't sit and extra papers.

I feel so lost.


  1. You can do this, you *can* do this! Believe in yourself, work hard and you'll get there. If you're getting As and Bs overall already then you can definitely do this :) I never achieved more than a C in my entire A level career, so you're already up on me!
    College screwed up my app for me last year as well, I retook my maths GCSE as three of my five unis needed a B in maths rather than a C that I had, I told my maths tutor and my form tutor I needed a B prediction or I'd get an immediate rejection from all of those unis, lo and behold I could predicted a C and rejected immediately from them which included my top choice! I only found out when I emailed my top choice and they told me about it. Really gutting especially when they refused to reconsider me :(

  2. I hate it when plans fall through, I really feel for you. But try not to stress about it too much, what's done is done, and you prepared so well for that exam, I'll bet you kicked its ass!

  3. aww lovely :[ i'm so sorry to hear abuot this :/ at least they didn't withdraw you completely. whatever happens, happens. it will happen for the best in the long term whether it feels that way initially or not.

    don't stress over this, there's nothing you can do, it was just a little mistake.

    take care, xxxxxxx