Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Life after college!

I've applied for a few voluntary positions and to be a part time secretary at a doctor's surgery. I haven't heard anything yet but the closing dates haven't come yet so..fingers crossed.

I feel so huge. I was meant to be a certain weight this Thursday...ain't gonna happen. I don't think so anyway. I have lost 'weight' but I'm retaining a crazy amount of water due to the heat so I don't know my actual weight.

Clothes wise UK 8 (US 4) is way too big in tops and dresses and loose but okay in bottoms (if they are hipsters). UK6 (US2?) are getting big in tops and dresses. Generally I'm just wearing home made things or age 13/ 164cm.

I really want to get this receptionist job. It is 20 hours a week...I actually can't work out from the site if it is a private surgery or National Health Service, there aren't any NHS logos on the site...just googled. NHS, I thought so, it is in a very nice part of the city though so should be a nice place to work :) Oh god, I want it so bad!!! I don't know how much they are paying but even if it was minimum wage (£4.92)that would be £100/week and I REALLY doubt they would pay me minimum wage! I'd expect more like £6/hour minimum (£120/week) more on weekends or evenings (which is when they are advertising for). AND I'd be near the pool so I could still swim before/ after work and I wouldn't be working every day so I'd still have time to relax and work out etc. :)

Seeing Lissy tomorrow :) we're going swimming!!!



  1. Good luck!
    I really hope you get the position, they would be silly not to give it to you!

  2. wow, nonexistent clothing sizes... I envy you that! Good luck with your applications, I know how stressful that is!

  3. Good luck with that job!! I hope you get it. <3

    Size 13's? Sounds pretty tiny to me. But I know we still feel huge, even when we're tiny.

    I left you an award. xoxo