Tuesday, 7 June 2011

More food, more exams...

I binged and purged today.
Yesterday I ate 389 calories
Today I've had 814 (not including the binge-purge).

I've had loads to drink but I have an awful headache.

I had driving. It was ok, reversing around corners next week...

I didn't do any revision, I went swimming instead. I have maths (calculator paper) on Friday and Biology (main A2 paper) on Monday. Not revising is NOT a good idea.

I want to be in London, then I could see Lily and Lissy way way way more. And I could track down Got2Purge and stalk her :P
It takes just over an hour on the train an costs £10-£15 depending on the time of day...which is cool, I could go once a week I just don't have the effing TIME. Well I do...I could revise all day one day and not go swimming that day or the day I'm in London and it would be fine but...NOT go swimming??? Concentrate on revision???


  1. Are you doing Maths Edexcal GCSE becuase I had non-calc on monday and then I'm doing calc on Friday too -- Just wondering :)(because I found Mondays really hard, did you?
    And I have the same trouble trying to revise, there's so much better things to be doing :)
    Take care
    And good luck on the exams xxx

  2. It's good to take a break. don't fry your brain!

  3. Sorry Ive not commented in a while,
    I agree a break is good,

  4. heh, i started my driving lesson today, he was like "hit the break! the break!" and i was like about to press down on the acceleration accidently :/ . . .

    good luck with maths on friday! :D i'm sure you'll do awesome
    and good luck with biology next week :]

    it takes jus over an hour on the train where i am too :D

    i hope you find you have more free time after these damn exams. when dyu finish them? :]