Wednesday, 15 June 2011

pirate-folk-punk and Daughters of Davis


As in I was actually relaxed? I got to a point when we were at one of the bars where I just didn't constantly think if my thighs looked fat.

Firstly we went to see this pirate-folk-punk (?!) band Captain Bastard and The Scallywags which was interesting! The instrumentals were good but I couldn't actually understand the lyrics because the singer was a bit screamo.

The band on after CABTS were...not our kind of thing so we went to go to this other pub. It was shut so we walked down to another pub but on the way we went past this other one and it was SO GOOD. These two sisters Daughters of Davis were playing. Firstly they are so good, secondly Adrienne and Fern are LOVELY! They are touring the UK in their campervan, sleeping in carparks and living off super noodles. I got their album, they aren't signed but they REALLY SHOULD BE! Meeting them totally turned our evening around because we were a bit like "ohh...that music was....innnterrressting". I'm probably going to see them again on Friday :)

I need to start revision for my last exam today eurgh :/ totally unmotivated right now.

OHHH and LilyZara, they love Bon Iver and do some awesome covers :)


  1. hahahhaa i love the little bit at the end ;] . . . i might look them up on youtube . . . :P

    glad you had a lovely time though! :D

    and i hope the last exam goes splendidly! :] what is it?

  2. aw this post is lovely, it's put me in a good mood! I'm glad your evening turned around for the better, I should get myself to some more gigs these days, I do love music. Hope you're okay lovely, x

  3. I'm so glad you had a good time! You make me want to hunt down some live music...

  4. This post has made me want to buy a campervan and tour around eating supernoodles. I love unheard of music, The XX live are unreal <3

  5. OMG that pirate band is awesome, I love it!! And I desperately need new music, so thanks! :D