Friday, 17 June 2011

Research Interview

Today I did my usual Biology revision in starbucks and swimming. I had an interview arranged with a graduate student from Indiana University. She is researching pro-ana blogging and originally got in touch by email. She asked questions like:

What did I post? (images/text)
Did blogging improve my mood?
Did blogging improve my self-esteem?

OH okay...I can't actually remember?! Anyway it took about 30 minutes and I talked about my views of pro-ana and stuff. She still wants participants so if you're interested (she can phone/skype you whenever is convenient in your time zone) email me and I'll send you her email or if you prefer then forward your email address to her.

She is really nice, I didn't feel bad afterwards or anything and the research is all approved and you can get in touch with her supervisor if you'd like :)


On a down note today...I randomly shoplifted. I don't even know why, it is like I swap one risk taking behaviour (cutting, overdosing etc) for another :( I feel really bad. It wasn't like I couldn't afford the £3.99 vest top. I don't understand myself AT ALL. >>>I am donating £3.99 to charity though. I know it doesn't make it better but :/

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