Thursday, 28 July 2011

EATING EATING EATING. Like 700 calories. Now I really do have to go swimming. We're going in about 40 minutes, I should drive. I need the practice but equally if my Dad has a go at me whilst driving I'm already pissed off so I'd yell and he'd get super-dooper angry.

Grrr. swimming costume is too big and I can't get a proper sports one that fits right for my height. So...I got a bikini. It is a kids one but just plain green. I've never ever worn a bikini before, this is the first one I've ever owned. I'm super scared about wearing it. Not so much because of my shape but because I have hair...everywhere. Like I shave and pluck and blablah...but I have hair still like fine hair all on my stomach and it isn't blond so you can see it and argh!


  1. 700 is still super low. <3

    I hate bikinis as well, I feel so exposed. :/ Laying in the sun can lighten your body hair. I know you're in England and so long hours of sunlight might be hard to come by, but it works. :D I used to spray Sun-In all over my legs and lay out in the sun, to turn my leg hair white-blonde. Or lemon juice works as well.


  2. gah, i have dark hair on my stomach and stuff (i think it's still languo? idk) i hope you had a good time swimming though. you really didn't need to swim anyways, because 700 is the tiniest amount lovely :(

    take care, xxxx