Tuesday, 5 July 2011

'ello 'ello

I'm eating so much today. Things go well for awhile and now I'm just like foodfoodfood.
Yesterday I sent another letter to my psych about stuff. I'm thinking too much.

Three years ago I was discharged from one hospital which means I think about other discharges and then I think about being raped and then I think about being raped when I was younger and then ahhh. So it was about that along with an article I cut out of the Financial Times weekend magazine.

I called the charity I'm going to be volunteering with today, I'm going in tomorrow morning to look around. I've cancelled the summer camp I was meant to be helping at...I just couldn't face it.

I haven't heard back about the job I applied to but the closing date isn't until Friday.


I got uber pissed off on a friend's behalf yesterday at another girl we both know. She is just so insensitive to how she makes my friend feel. I wish she'd just leave her alone and stop thinking they have fun together when my friend just finds the whole thing super stressful and feels awful afterwards. But I know I can't get involved, my friend is in charge of her own life :)

(Oh and if you're reading this, and you can see this is about you - you're blocked for a reason. Get out of my blog, I'm so angry at you. Do not contact me.)


My Dad has gone out and left countdown on. I have really bad blisters on my feet, or rather open wounds, the blisters burst, they are a about 1.5cm in diameter. I can't go swimming until they've healed a bit more. I went yesterday and it hurt so much I could only stay in 45 minutes and that was agonising (I kinda liked the pain though?!). I came out and they went a bit manky and yeh...had to disinfect them with alcohol and stuff.

Why do I want so much food?! I did so well yesterday and today it is all I can think about. Probably because I'm not doing anything.

Fat Lassie is back :D


  1. aw hun, i'm exactly the same when it comes to the food situation. i manage really well and then boom im back to it and all my weight comes back on. Try not to worry too much though- you're probs just needing a specific mineral.
    I'm sure you'll hear back from the job soon, normally they don't contact you until they've processed everything so don't feel bad if they don't call back until next week.
    Good luck babe!

  2. Hope your food situation improves. Has been a bad few days for me, too. :/

    And I hope those blisters get better quickly!! Made me cringe--I'm always getting awful blisters, and then popping them because I'm an idiot and can't help myself.


  3. I was sure I'd commented on this I haven't! What a fail!! How are you feeling thinking wise? I know you're like me with the thinking of things on anniversaries and dates etc so I know how crappy it is :( looking forward to seeing you again soon :D xxx

  4. Thinking too much is the worst. Try distracting yourself with a good book/film/friends.

    Or take a long walk and think of nothing - I find being outside makes me feel so much better

    <3 xx