Friday, 8 July 2011

Ends of Eras

My food intake has gone right back down again to lower than it was. I'm completely exhausted, today was the first day I got up before 10am all week.
I went to my college mentor's leaving party. It was nice just a bit awkward given pretty much everyone else there was a tutor or lecturer. Got to see my old teacher's newborn though which was lovely.
I had my Disabled Student Allowance assessment/meeting yesterday. It was SO much BETTER than I had expected. Not at all clinical, very caring and so understanding. It couldn't have gone better I don't think.

Anyway they've recommended (subject to funding approval which should be fine) that I have:
  • A laptop and scanner- printer
  • Internet
  • Various programmes like powertalk and mindmap and sonocent
  • Audiorecorder (dictaphone)
  • 2 hours mentoring per week
  • 1 hour speciality tutoring per week
  • 12 hours IT training for the new equipment
  • Ink/paper/photocopying allowance
  • Book allowance
  • Emergency travel allowance
I think that is everything (!) I totally didn't expect so much. I mean I do think I need it and it will help a lot but :D after all of secondary school being rubbish, hospital being rubbish, college was quite good but I didn't get this much stuff which meant I couldn't really be independent. Also the mentor has to be trained in my conditions (ED, Asperger's, OCD, depression etc) so I might not even have to see a separate Mental Health team :O

I hate committing myself to anything, I panic and want to get up. I've realised I've said I'll go into the homelessness drop-in when I have a driving lesson so I need to let them know but ahhh. I feel such a let down. Do you think it is really bad if I just email them???


  1. Please try and look after yourself.
    You need to keep that knowledgeable brain of yours working.

    Would you like to not see a mental health team?

    [also, replying to your comment on mine, a girl I know who was sixteen asked for her mum not to be told about her ed, but her mum was told anyway.. so I don't trust them.]

    Girrl, don't feel bad, you're a human not super woman, you canny do everything!

  2. That's great how much they're giving you!

    I'd probably send an email, but since commitment of any kind tends to frighten me as well, I cannot guarantee that my advice is any good. :D


  3. Argh!! its been ages,
    How are you sweets?
    Thats great that are providing you with all that,


  4. Email them and see where that takes you! :D