Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hush abye baby...

I've lost a kilo since Monday, which is good but it is just weight I'd gained from after I'd lost...I'm not sleeping much.

My mum managed to have a whole conversation with me about her friend's daughter's anorexia without mentioning my ED. She said some really angry-making things like how the daughter is ruining their family life and how she thinks she IS eating at school. "She eats chocolate so she isn't exactly going to starve is she" Yes mum, 40, 100 calories of chocolate is going to make a massive difference when you're underweight and have been underweight for over 2 years just about keeping yourself above admission weight.
Then yesterday she picked me up from the pool and we drove to get my brother (about 30min drive) and we were talking about dieting and how I thought WeightWatchers is stupid because they run on points which means it can be better to eat a biscuit than some fruit. (And points are stupid, higher fat means higher calories due to hydrogens so you can just use calories with a cursorary glance at fat content.) Anyway, we were at a junction and I can't really remember what I said...I kept thinking things in my head and I can't remember what I said out loud. :S

I reallllly don't want to go to the homeless day centre tomorrow :/ I don't know what to do.

I'm so tired.


  1. Gah, i hate when people talk to me about anorexia and say really silly/false things :/ hopefully your mother didn't make you tooooo angry :/

    heh, that's true about the weightwatchers thing - i haven't ever looked into it and not entirely sure like the "rules" etc, but oh well. i know i read somewhere the weightwatchers chocolates only have lower cals because they're smaller bars.

    i hope you have a good day tomorrow if you do go to the shelter :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I had the same convo with Mum recently. A family friend recently told us her daughter was just put in hospital for anorexia (she's my height and weight as well :/) and Mum basically said the same thing--like "I don't get how she can be so smart, and do that to herself!"

    I kept quiet. Some people just don't get it.

    Hope everything worked out at the homeless centre, if you decided to go. <3