Saturday, 30 July 2011

I'm going to type up the letter I wrote to my Mum last night.

She is being crap. I start talking to her, just chatting and she wanders off. Now she is in the kitchen saying to my Dad how she hates it when we comment on how much she is drinking and saying to him that it is nothing compared to all the things I've done. I want to scream at her but I need her, and she will just walk away. Well not walk away, just exclude me.


  1. please don't let this bring you down, too much.

    you're amazing. X

  2. She's just trying to shift the attention on you. Ignore it. All pain lasts for twelve minutes, anything else is self inflicted. So it's ok to cry or scream for twelve minutes but after that don't let it bother you and throw it behind..
    Hang in there!