Wednesday, 17 August 2011

22 hours ish

Woke up in an actual panicking sweat over results day tomorrow. I feel the need to do some random blogging so hows about I explain how it works for those who don't live in the UK? Yep cool, be prepared to get bored.

So Primary school 4- 11
Secondary school 11-16
Sixth form/ college (either at your secondary school or a different site) 16-18/19 (but you can go if you're an adult to a college)

So in your last 2 years at secondary school you do your GCSE's. You need 5 GCSE's (so english, maths, science and say religion and history) at grade A*- C to be a sucess in the government's eyes. A lot of people don't get that but most people I know have 8- 13 GCSE's and they would all be A*- C maybe with a D in a random subject.
Then you do 2 years of A-levels which are what gets you into university. You sit the exams in January and June of those two years so you can resit all bar the final papers and results come out on the 3rd Thursday of August every year. You normally need 3 A-levels for university, some courses you only need 2 and if you're applying for Art you can sometimes just do a portfolio, same for drama. Other universities want you to have 4 or 3 and a half (so you studied 4 in your first year then 3 in your 2nd year so 3 and a half).

Then you go to University for 3 years unless you do a longer course (like medicine- 6 years or architechture - 7 years) most engineering subjects are 4 years. Then as long as you get a 2nd class honors you can do a master's Phd or whatever.

I don't know how degrees are graded in other countries but we have 1st, upper 2nd, lower 2nd, 3rd and ordinary.

1st is 70% + (but not in all subjects this is just roughly)
and the lowest passing grade is 40% I think. Anything less than a lower 2nd is pretty bad and you can't go on to Masters or a lot of other things.

I however have done 3 years of A-levels at a college. I was going to study languages so I didn't take any science subjects so when I decided I wanted to do psychology I didn't have the right subject combination.

Originally I wanted to be a doctor but I had to choose my A-levels in hospital when I was 15 (last year of secondary school) and my Psychiatrist and idiotic man said I wouldn't be allowed to be a doctor. Which is complete and utter bull. So anyway I took humanities: English, religious studies and French.

My family have all gone out. I'm sewing but I'm scared I'm going to binge. So far I've had a coffee (10), soup (50) wafer (40) and half a peanut biscuit (34). It is only 1pm by the way. I think a lot of people have to problem of in trying to eat they binge and in trying not to binge they restrict. This is why I'm hoping that by being in catered halls at university I won't have food around except at meal times when I'm in front of people so I'll either have to eat normally or just not eat? I don't know. I'll have to see where I'm even going. If I don't get into Nottingham then I don't even know whether I'll be in catered or non-catered halls or a house or what.

Lastly (I think) I try to follow people who follow me, but I know that there is absolutely now way I'm following you all. If you actually read this (because I'm sure not all my followers actually do!) and I'm not following you/ you're not sure if I'm following you, give me a nudge and I'll get reading :)


  1. Any consolation- I also woke up about a million times in the night like, disgustingly, drenched in sweat, and I have no reason to be!!

    With the binging, clearly, I do not have the answer. But I feel your pain on worrying you're going to :( I always find the answer can lie (lay?) in copious amounts of iceberg lettuce and ketchup.


  2. School in the UK sounds quite a bit different, but it probably isn't all that different from what it is in the US. I hate when I feel like I'm going to binge. If I eat right then, I will binge, if I wait, I might end up binging later.

  3. Aww really try and not stress about results :( you did all you could, and if you don't get in you can try and focus more on finding "the root" cause (: there's nothing you can do now and I bet you did great (: good luck, xxxxxxxx

  4. a follow back would be amazing, I could use the extra motivation! and don't worry I'm sure you will do great you sound like a very intelligent girl

  5. Good luck! I'm sure you're going to do wonderfully though!