Sunday, 14 August 2011

আমি দুঃখিত

Fat Fat Fat Fat Fat

Appendix, I'm sorry if my comment pissed you off. I can't comment on your latest post. :/

I keep flicking between underweight/ normal range/ underweight/ normal range. I need to be <18.5 on Thursday. I know it is illogical and 18.5 is still huge but that way if I don't get into university at least I can be thin. I don't know.

So so so so scared.

I'm massively bloated, I got my period. How does it make sense?

I lost my period in March 2009 BMI 17 ish then I didn't have it for 26 months and now this is my third one, even though between March 2009 my BMI has been up and down loads. Like last November it was 22 probably, and last August I was a healthy weight again from January when it was nearer 16 or 15.

I'm not entirely honest with you guys. I don't know why, but I guess it is my I've said about getting my period in the past when I haven't. So I don't have to think about not being able to have children. And blabhblahblah. I actually got practically kicked off a site (the site I was on before PT) because some people got annoyed that I'd lost so they were saying I should be in the anorexic section not the EDNOS section and blabhlabh.

Sorry, I know I'm odd.

Appendix I'm sorry. x

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