Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hier, c'etait mon anniversaire et c'etait super-cool...

Clearly all the French kids are using 'super-cool' all the time cos the 80's are so back in! Our French textbooks (in fact all our textbooks!) at school were so out of date. In Geography we were making predictions for after the millennium (I started Secondary school in 2003!) and I went on French exchange speaking "comme ma grand-mere" according to my exchange partner.

Anywho, yes it was my 19th and it was actually really good given I generally hate birthdays. I met up with Lissy in London, we were going to go cycling on the Boris bikes but I was feeling too lazy and too sunburnt so we went shopping :)

We went to Primark, which for those not in the UK is a really really cheap chain of shops. They sell shoes for £4, vest tops/dresses for £3 the most expensive things they sell are the £25 winter coats. Obviously it isn't amazing quality, I generally get my underwear and t-shirts there. Things that are going to wear out anyway and not be any better quality (or any more ethical) from anywhere else.

So I spent almost £30 in there. £6.60 on pants (undies), £7 on a kids dress, £7 on a new little bag for going out (if my bag gets stolen I don't want to be bothered about my wallet , keys AND the bag), a white long-sleeve and a green vest top which I can actually wear as a dress!

We had frequent Starbucks and McDonald's diet coke stops. We also went to Topshop, Urban outfitters and my favourite little fabric shop The Cloth House and I got the canvas so I can make a bag like this >>>
But for less than the £129 it costs from COS.

Then we went and sat in the station McDonald's, had a minor row and a bit of a cry because I'd decided to get a garden side salad, sprite zero and 4 chicken nuggets and the man wouldn't sell the 4 chicken nuggets to me. I've always had them and he was insisting they don't sell them. It takes so much to work out what I'm going to eat, how many calories, if I really need it etc.etc. that I was pretty sad and angry when he wouldn't sell me them. The lovely Lissy was there to shake me a little though :P and we went to the downstairs one and it was all fine.

Then I got the train home, had dinner :S (curry!) with my parents and best friend, then cake (apple cake, I made it more apple = less other high fat/cal ingredients!) but my mum had iced it so it was uber filling.

My brother, best friend and I went to a pub in town and met other friends and it was really really lovely to see people. I stayed at a friend's house in his brother's uber comfy double bed (his brother is in Sweden at the world scout jamboree), my friend slept in his own room just to clarify.

Then I came home this morning. I feel a bit ill because I had a lot to drink and I don't normally drink however it was more the amount of sugar in the drinks people were buying me that I struggled with.

I had:
Single gin & tonic
Malibu & Pineapple
Double aerosmith and coke? I think it was called

Then my (evil) friend got me half a pint of cider with a shot of vodka and a blue WKD all mixed together = bright green drink. It looked like I was drinking a pint of apple sourz (probably had as much sugar!) so I dread to think what my calorie total for yesterday was.

Lissy and I did walk about 10km or so though :)

Thanks for the people who sent my birthday messages on comments/ facebook/ gmail :D/ in the case of Appendix, her blog title!


  1. Awwww happy birthday sweetheart I'm glad you had a good time!

    Cos is my fave brand... I'd love it if you posted a pic of your bag once it's made?


  2. I'm glad you had fun! I had lots of fun spending your birthday with you too :D I think we should pelt the mcdonalds man with packets of four chicken nuggers though :P xxx

  3. ahh, it's a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) it sounds like you had a lovely day, and dont worry too much about the's only your birthday once a year, and if you can't eat a bit more then, when can you?! xo.

  4. Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl!!! SO great to hear that you had a lovely time. Sounds like it was a day to remember.
    And thanks for all your support lately! You are so lovely! <3