Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hmm hmm hmm. I have a croaky throat. I had driving this morning, it was fine and I know I'm not ready to take my test yet but it is getting kinda frustrating because I could just drive around fine on my own I'm just not good enough at parking to pass...but still better than a lot of people!

I'm pretty stunned about everything in London. It all started off in Tottenham, where I used to live, the highstreet I used to be pushed along in the buggy when I was a toddler. I can't really believe it is all happening, especially the things like attacking fire-fighters trying to put out fires and stuff. Then there are all the crimes that aren't being responded to because the police are too busy: domestic violence, child abuse etc. etc. etc.

I texted my friend yesterday saying I was finding it hard that she doesn't reply to my messages for days or weeks or sometimes at all. I tried to say it really nicely and everything but she seems really offended. I don't know. I give in trying to be open with people.

I'm really huge, I've gained 1.5kg since Sunday, which has made me all bloated and I feel so so so huge. I wish I could just write a number on a piece of paper and that would be my weight for the day.


  1. London is terrifying right now - I live in Hackney where the riots were last night.


  2. i can't believe the stuff in london...it's so disappointing that people can do this to their community.
    also, if you want to text me anytime, feel free to email me for my number, my email address is me_123150@hotmail.co.uk (i don't want to put my number on here):) i'm not too good at replying sometimes, but it's normally only by a couple of hours! xo.

  3. I hate what's happening in London as well, it's crazy seeing the places you've been to being torn apart and destroyed by mindless idiots, as well as all the stealing, arson, violence etc. It's just incredible that people could be so stupid. xx

  4. Same on the destroying where you grew up front, literally just off the road of my first house. It's so depressing, like, the destruction of where you grew up. It's so shit. :( :(

    Remember that 1.5kg since sunday can in NO WAY be actual fat, don't stress about it xxxx