Thursday, 18 August 2011

A-level results!

Sorry getting into this vlogging thing!


  1. I don't have a YouTube account but I'll comment here (: thanks for the shout out you did really amazing and I'm so happy and proud you got that A in biology! You really do deserve this, because youve had such a rough few years so im so happy they're looking up exam-wise (: I didn't know you did gcses in hospital and that's impressive that then you got above average despite all that (: it's really great that things are starting to piece together exam-wise and I hope your grades you get next thursday are just as good (: if you are away for it can you always call
    up the school and ask what you got? It's great you're going away and I hope you're feeling more up to it than you used to! And yay that's awesome you got in the newspaper! Your vlog didn't sound negative! it's awesome how you did, and I'm so happy for you! xxxxxxxxx

  2. well done!!! you did so well in biology!
    thank you for the shout out as well! i'm still in shock that i got in! ;)
    can't wait to hear how maths goes...i'm sure you'll be fine!
    i'm so happy for you! xxxx