Monday, 15 August 2011

Monday monday monday

I feel a bit better today.

I've started sorting out my room, I vacuumed a bit downstairs and trimmed my hair. Later I'm going in to the city and returning a jacket and a jumper, buying some lining for the rucksack I'm making inspired by this one but the design has changed a bit because I decided I wanted one big pocket rather than two little ones. Then I'm going swimming, probably dragging my little brother out too because he only just got downstairs and it is noon already!

I don't have a massive list of activity this week, I'm mainly just waiting for my results on Thursday and then I'll know what I'm doing/ not doing with the next 3 years of my life!

I was going to put a picture of my ever so slightly shorter hair but I realised it still goes past the bottom of the screen unless I cut my head off (with the webcam) so yeah. It is boob length :P
Which I'm quite impressed with given the amount that comes out when I brush it and how much I lost when I was 14 in a mixture of anorexia and deciding to set fire to some of it...yes I am amazingly less mental than I used to be. Don't ever do that by the way, it smells foul and will carry on smelling foul every time you shower for months on end. But hey if you're TRYING to get locked up!

I have £30 of Cath Kidston vouchers and I don't know what to get... I know that sounds incredibly...I don't know. But to be honest I'd much rather have the £30 to pay for all the other things but you can't exchange the vouchers and no one else wants them. So I guess I have to 'treat myself'!

Lots of love to you all xxx


  1. know how you feel about it a bit lame that i've started counting down the hours?! ;) xo.

  2. Aghh results >< good luck with them! :) I'm dreading it too lol :|

    Haha I hate vouchers for things too, maybe give them to your mum and she can give you £30?

    I bet your hair looks lovely (: though, I'm sorry to hear about setting fire to it a few years ago :( xxxxx