Thursday, 18 August 2011

So video blogs are very exciting however the do require more privacy than typing.
SO...yep. My Life.

I agreed to go sailing next week to the Channel Islands. It is with the charity I used to sail with but haven't done since last October. This meant rearranging my driving theory, driving lesson and orthodontist appointment...but I'm scared of going! I'm going on Saturday morning, I get off the boat on Friday 26th then I'm going straight to an 18+ scout camp then I have a couple of hours home on the evening of Tuesday 30th August then I'm in Cornwall until Saturday 3rd September!!! I won't sleep in my own bed for 2 weeks!

But what I'm most scared about going away is that I'll gain weight. On the boat I SHOULDN'T gain weight because I have say cereal or an egg for breakfast, soup for lunch and then a small portion of a proper dinner and coffee all through the day. But when we go ashore I eat more, or when I just get so so so cold I think I'm going to die I eat more because I CAN'T GET ILL THERE. They know I'm a little crazy and that my weight has fluctuated but they've only known me 2 years, so after the worst of it all and they don't know any details. But over a week I will probably gain. Then I have camping which is a similar situation only I will have more that'll be okay. Then in Cornwall I'm with my parents and little brother so it is like being at home, but I haven't been on holiday with them since I was 15 and they have picnics a lot and I don't like sandwiches. And they'll get things like fish and chips and I don't know if I can say no to everything. But in the next 3 weeks I want to lose about 5kg (11lbs) but I won't. I know I won't, I'll probably gain about 3kg. :'(

Thank you for all your lovely comments. I feel really self-absorbed, not only do I have a blog but I could happily talk at a camera for several hours a day...maybe this is a therapy replacement?

I got a message from someone from PT saying she thinks another PT/hospital person misses me. Which makes me feel awkward and bad, but I know I can't be friends with the PT/hospital person. I just can't be.


  1. I enjoy your vlogs, nicely done. And well done on your A-levels! Traveling is hard, but it sounds like you'll be really active, so hang in there! Good luck with the 3kg loss. xx

  2. I think I know who/ what you mean at the end? Let me know if you want. Y'know what I mean!! X