Friday, 12 August 2011


Hi. So I should probably write an update from Tuesday...but I don't know if I have the energy.

I had an argument with my friends in the pub on Tuesday night about the riots and the man who was shot in Tottenham and yeah...I cba to explain it all but I've lost a lot of respect for them. "Let's face it, the guy they shot was probably guilty, I mean he probably was wasn't he!" is what one of my 'friends' said. I walked out in the end.

Wednesday I got the train to London, met Lily in Camden, we hung out for a few hours, I can't really remember what we did really? Then I met Lissy after she finished at "the fucking deli". You should read her blog. Then we went back to her endz and went to her ED appointment which you can read about on her blog, it isn't really my place to say about it. But it was okay and I was super proud because she didn't cry or walk out early :)
Then we went to Starbucks, and got things for dinner in Sainsbury's which you can guess was an odd mix of things given it was us...yay for lettuce and piri piri ketchup! We had some other bits too. And we chilled out with Lissy's super cool sister and watched a film which we didn't actually watch because we talked all through it.

On Thursday we got up and went to Starbuck's for breakfast coffee before Lissy had to go back to "the fucking deli", then I went to Victoria station and had more Starbucks and read the newspaper. Then I met Lily and we went to a Folk Festival thing in Kent. We went on the beach and had tomato soup for lunch and chilled out and it was lovely. She got me a really soft elephant toy for my Birthday because of this dream and I was going to hyperlink 'dream' to a blog post where I wrote about said dream but clearly I didn't. Basically I dreamt I had a mini elephant which was really soft and only about 40cm tall and totally lovely and cute and the dream was SO real I was actually really sad when I woke up.

Then today I met the 'best'friend for shopping. Which was semi-hard work because...we don't spend much time together or contact each other that often so it just isn't so relaxed. But it was ok, I had tomato soup for lunch again. And Starbucks again... I guess because seeing her was so juxtaposed to seeing Lily and Lissy which I can say anything to and be so relaxed around it felt more awkward.

I don't know what I'm doing this evening. Sleeping and sewing probably because I feel like I've done so much this week.

Results day next Thursday. 3rd year running I'm not the weight I planned to be for it...= going to fail life.


  1. aww, sounds like you had a lovely few days :) i would try to make you feel better about thursday, but i think we're both panicking just as much as each other...let me know how you do :) xo.

  2. Well thats great that youve had an enjoyable few days!
    Aw thats lovely - you and Lissy know each other! did you meet throught the net and now meet up? thats really cool,
    Yeah I know what you mean, it can be so awkward meeting up with friends who you just cnat talk about ed stuff with or that just dont understand about stuff, its like....awkward cos they know and u know uv got stuff on mind but cant really bring it uo
    Im glad you felt comfy with Lissy and Lily though
    You are NOT a failure in life at all, U are wonderful,