Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Update...and I'm off again!

I tried to upload the video to here but it was taking forever so for an update go to my youtube channel!

Basically I'm feeling too tired to type much so I made a video. I'm off to Cornwall in a few hours so I'll be back on Sunday.

I have tried to catch up with some blogs but I haven't got back on top of it and now I'm away without internet again so I'll be back to normal next week!


  1. Hurry up I miss you lots. Yes that's an order. XXX

  2. i'll comment here cause i don't have a youtube account really. i'm glad you had a good time sailing in the end and managed to just relax (: i hope you feel more refreshed (despite the hard work)

    that's awesome you got into nottingham! :D i'm so happy for you :D join whatever you want to do, but try to not put too much on yourself. you can always quit clubs i guess though if they don't work out (:

    i hope you have a good time away with the family (: and try to not let your ED mess it up for you ):

    it's lovely how you've had such a great strong therapist who've stuck with you (: try and get her email address as well? it's worth a try to ask because she's been so lovely to you.

    take care love, xxxxxxx