Sunday, 4 September 2011


I have loads of video editing to do from when I was away. I don't know whether to just post them here or to post them here and youtube. I like youtube but I'm feeling quite traceable there. hmm. Though looking at my stats no one has clicked from my youtube to here. However 19 people have come here from gothise? I have no idea what this is!

Mainly I'm blogging because I'm mildly annoyed with someone. So basically... if you are a healthy weight you can exercise in a healthy way. Even in hospital once you reach 80% of your target weight or in some places as soon as you comply with the rules you are allowed to exercise. SO person I'm annoyed at, swimming an hour a day or even cycling on a stationary bike for "a marathon" is okay. People NORMAL people exercise because they feel large or want to burn calories all the time! And they are NORMAL. ARGH. And you have the nerve to say you're worried you might trigger people, yeah you might trigger them by making a mockery of what AN ACTUAL EATING DISORDER IS.


  1. haha, i've found a few people have come to mine from gothise too . . . ohhh well.

    Aww, i think your rant shows a pretty good point, (i think i get what you're saying - there's a difference between weightloss and an ED, and just exercising a bit isn't an ED exactly?) besides, it's not a bad thing to rant - it's good to let it out.

    take care, xxxxxxxx

    (check your fb emails by the way if you haven't yet (: )

  2. A few people have come to my blog from gothise too haha. Ranting helps realease all your anger, and it's a good point.
    I was watching your youtube channel and you said your studying Psychology and Neuroscience in uni, I think that's what I want to do but did you need to do A level Biology to be able to do it. xx

  3. mmm, people seem to be coming to my blog from gothise as well? pretty random...
    and rants are definitely good for you...better to let it all out :)

  4. What is gothise!? Aarrghh.

    I love rants. Basically xxxxxWhat is gothise!? Aarrghh.

    I love rants. Basically xxxxx

  5. Totally agree with this post. Recovery from an eating disorder is all about developing HEALTHY habits, and it is HEALTHY to have moderate amounts of exercise, especially if it's an activity they enjoy like swimming.