Thursday, 15 September 2011


Hey... I've not been up to much, I've just been really really tired.

I now haven't weighed myself in 10 days, this wasn't a deliberate thing, more that my room is such a mess I can't get to my scales. I have no idea if I've lost, gained or stayed the same.

My room is a huge mess because I'm trying to pack for university, I haven't got any further than the other day except the need to partially unpack so I could actually get dressed! I bought new pillows yesterday and set up a student bank account it was superdooper exciting..not.

Goodness I'm so boring. I get my laptop next Wednesday so I'll make a video then...or maybe once I've moved in, then you guys can see my uni place! Ahh!

It is seriously dawning on me that I'm actually leaving and not coming home for 3 months. Obviously when I was in hospital I was away from home but I did come home some weekends and the times when I wasn't allowed home for longish periods my mum would visit or I'd be too crazy to care what was going on. And lets face is going to be completely different from an adolescent psych ward (lets hope so eh!)!

I don't know what to do about insuring my bicyle...I think I'll get my Dad to look up different options, he knows way more about the different companies.

I have the orthodontist in an hour, they'll x-ray and tighten up my lower brace. Then I'm going to see my grandparents, I haven't seen then in awhile because we went on holiday and everything, but they go on holiday on Sunday so it'll be the last time I see them until Christmas probably.

I keep worrying that whilst I'm away people are going to die. And not just one person but EVERYONE except my little brother and then I wouldn't know what to do. I don't know what I'd do if one person died either...but even if no one dies this term, this year, one day they are going to.


  1. Aww I haven't been able to weigh myself for over a month 'cause my scales are broken ><

    Ooh dooo do a vlog when you're at uni! Haha I bet uni will be very different to hospital ;) but I'm sure it's gonna be good! I mean, it's natural to be scared - everyones who's off to uni is worried right now, and everyone who's been has been worried and it's worked out for them and I guarantee it's gonna work out for you. Its natural to be worried and scared (: I doubt anything majorly bad will happen at home while you're away.

    Sorry for a brief and rubbish reply, I'm about to go to Reg. at school lol. Its good to be worried though and natural, xxxxxxxxx

  2. good look with packing! i'm looking forward to seeing your uni room :) i'm sure it'll be different to hospital! xo.

  3. Aw good luck with packing, Id say u are excited,
    Aw thatd be lovely to see ur place at uni,
    I bet ur new laptop will have a really good camera :)
    Im the very same when leaving especially, but nothing will happen, <3


  4. You're not boring at all! Getting ready to move to uni sounds pretty exciting to me. :)

    Good luck with packing, and the orthodontist. And i hope you have a nice time with your grandparents!

    ...I don't want to say "don't worry, no one is going to die" because I'm superstitious and feel like that could jinx us, but do try not to worry!! Uni is going to be so fun, hopefully you'll forget your worries in the first week anyway. <3

    I finally got to use your present on Sunday night. :D


  5. You'll be fine! You're gonna have so much fun while you're away!