Monday, 19 September 2011

I had a lovely day with Lissy yesterday, but it really hit me that this was the last time before I leave. And I'll probably see her once a month or so which is more than I'll see any other friend but I'm going to miss her so much.
We talked a lot about hospital, it made me realise how scewed my memories of my first admission are. I always knew my second admission was blurry but I thought I remembered my first admission better.

MARCH 2007 I was admitted
AUGUST 2007 I was discharged.

But a hell of a lot happened in between. Then I don't remember anything until about the 3rd week of August.

JANUARY 2008 I was admitted
JULY 2008 I was discharged

Two weeks later I went to a scout camp in the Netherlands. In August I went camping with my parents and little brother. September I started college. January stopped seeing my psychologist, March I lost my period, June I went sailing for the first time, July I went to Lyon, August I went to Tours and Paris. I got my AS results two B's and an E. I realised I couldn't apply to university that year. By January I was seeing my psych a few times a week because I was just crying or hyper all the time, ligaturing, weight had dropped. I was going to go back into hospital but it was up to me because I was over 16 and I said no. Took A levels but didn't sit my French. OD'd in March, had a seizure. August 2010 I turned 18, went to scout camp. Spent the 3 months of summer gaining weight. September I started Biology. November/ December the first PT London meet.

Okay bored now. But discussing it with Lissy made me realise that the dates didn't add up with the amount I thought me discharge weight was. I had it in my head I was 60kg but that is really unlikely. Maybe 50kg max.

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice time yesterday and sorry to hear about all the shit that's happened to you over the past few years :( it's bad in a way that you can't remember as you can't use it as motivation to try and not get discharged - but then I guess it could be good if you don't wanna remember it? :/

    Take care lovely, xxxxxxxxxxx